Pizza Box Liner for a better visual presentation of your pizza. Similarly to Triplex Wrap Paper, our laminated pizza box liner is a special and innovative type of packaging made with a layer of High Density Polyethylene foil glued on the printed side of the paper. As a result, this square liner protects the products against the contamination of foods from the inks and allows you to accomodate the pizza directly on the printed side of the sheet. We can print customized or personalized designs to suit any need, whether you’d like to run a promotion or spread awareness of your company. In summary, if you are looking to increase the visibility of your brand, this special liner is certainly one of the items you need: your name or message will be seen every time these custom sheets are used.

Pizza box liner is also great for creating a barrier between the pizza and box inner. Our product eliminates the card board taste and your pizza will not stick to the box.

Standard Basis Weight (GSM): 60 + HDPE glued on the printed side of the sheet.

Standard Sizes: cm. 30×30 – cm. 31×31 – cm. 32×32 – cm. 33×33.

Custom print and sizes are available upon request.

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