Triplex Wrap Paper 100% for foodstuffs. Everybody knows that in most cases, food packaging materials contain inks whose components can migrate to food by diffusion through the material as well as by set-off phenomena. Our double laminated deli wrap paper is a special and innovative type of packaging with two layers of HDPE foil (on the printed side as well!) that protect the products against the contamination of foods from the inks. In a few words, Double Duplex Paper (PEHD foil + Paper + PEHD foil) is able to avoid food contaminations and migrations of ink components on the internal side of the packaging. Like wax paper, this unique packaging is a great solution for standard wrapping of meats, cheese, fish, delicatessen items and fresh food products.

Standard Basis Weight (GSM): 60 + 2 HDPE foils – 70 + 2 HDPE foils – 80 + 2 HDPE foils.

Standard Sizes: cm. 18×25 – cm. 25×37 – cm. 33×40 – cm. 33×45 – cm. 37×50 – cm. 40×50 – cm. 50×75 – cm. 75×100.

Custom print, sizes and weights are available upon request.

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