Wax paper ideal for wrapping cheese, meats, cookies and dairy products. Our waxed paper for food packaging is a type of paper which has been coated on both sides with food grade paraffin wax and it is normally used for wrapping food because grease, oil and water cannot pass through it. These characteristics make wax paper an ideal paper for use in the food industry for covering food and baking tins. Paraffin waxed paper is convenient to prevent food drying out and losing texture, maintaining the freshness of meat, cheese, cookies, fish, bacon, sandwiches and greasy items like chicken legs and pasties. Like deli wrap paper, wax paper is ideal for protecting lubricated or greased mechanical parts, gears and brake discs from water, humidity, greases and water vapor.

Standard Basis Weight: gsm 55 – gsm 65 – gsm 80 – gsm 100 – gsm 150 – gsm 200.

Standard Sizes: cm. 18×25 – cm. 25×37 – cm. 33×40 – cm. 37×50.

Custom sizes and weights are available upon request.

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