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Alfincart Ltd, “Quelli della Carta e della Plastica”, is one of the country's leading manufacturers, converters, suppliers and exporters of diverse range of packaging materials using innovative technology. Located in Salerno (Italy), the company has firmly established itself as one of the most reputed food packaging and paper supplier offering superior packaging solutions like wax paper, deli wrap paper, PE coated paper and paper packaging materials. Alfincart Ltd specializes in the paper manufacturing and converting of high quality flexible packaging like delicatessen wrap paper, newsprint paper, food wrapping paper, HDPE duplex paper, waxed paper, food grade paper, meat wrap, cheese wrap, fish wrap, greaseproof wrap, silicon baking paper, sandwich wraps, packing paper, paper table cloths, polyethylene paper and butchers' wrapping paper. Thanks to a very agile and flexible production process, the company is a very successful provider of services such as sheeting paper reels to sheets, guillotining board and paper, rewinding board and paper reel-to-reel, printing and packaging. All the products are currently provided worldwide and are marketed through strategic partnerships and – in dedicated areas – through direct sales.

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